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Annapolis Bathroom Remodel

This Annapolis Bathroom remodel was designed by Leesa Johnson of Annapolis Kitchen and Bath. She used “Holiday” cabinetry to create this beautiful spacious Bathroom remodel. The client wanted to remove the old jacuzzi tub and build a large shower that was going to be comfortable. Leesa called in DLC Inc. to look at the project with her because others had told the client the shower could not go were they wanted it. DLC Inc told Leesa to create her design and they would work out the details to make it work and that they did. Leesa created a beautiful space moving everything except the entrance door and the toilet. Relocating the vanities gave Leesa a large canvas to create the grand bathroom area she wanted. The stone accent runs vertical in the center of the shower taking your eye from the ceiling to the floor causing you to experience the entire shower space. While the shower has some contrasting color the cabinetry and tops are white on white. Leesa designed and supplied all of the products in this bathroom.