Chesapeake Harbour Kitchen

   This Chesapeake Harbour Kitchen Remodel was a referral from a neighbor that was a past client.  So it was great to complete another project that we came so highly recommended. The client wanted Thermofoil cabinetry, which our designer Diane Godfrey of Annapolis Kitchen and Bath remodel had no problem using because “Holiday” does a great job with Thermofoil cabinetry and it holds up well. The countertop was supplied by “Annapolis Kitchen and Bath” remodel. Diane Godfrey of Annapolis Kitchen and Bath designed and supplied the kitchen building the refrigerator into the wall giving a cleaner look and more room and the island is on wheels allowing for a great prep station or it can be moved against the wall for entertaining.
The cabinetry that was chose for this project is Holiday contemporary frameless plywood construction with Thermofoil doors and drawer fronts.  The island was a painted framed cabinet to set it apart as an accent as whell as its Marble countertop.  All of the fixtures have a brushed nickel finish as well as the hardware on the cabinetry.
This condo community has its construction and design challenges but if it was easy any one could do it.  Our designers have been in the industry for years and all have different gifts and talents along with different certifications giving us the ability to match the designer to the client and project as needed.  Let us bring our years of experience, creative designers and trusted partnerships with our suppliers to you creating the kitchen or bath of your dreams.

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