My wife and I were referred to Duane Dwyer and Annapolis Kitchen and Bath by a close friend who didn’t use them for her kitchen project. Yes, you read that correctly! Our friend received several bids to renovate her kitchen, but decided to go with a cheaper contractor instead of Annapolis Kitchen and Bath. She later questioned her decision. She told us that although Duane’s initial estimate was higher, it was very close to the actual cost of what her bargain contractor ended up charging to do the work.
Our experience was Annapolis Kitchen and Bath was absolutely the best. The estimate was accurate to the penny and the project was competed on schedule. Duane and his crews were super conscientious about keeping our house clean during the project and every person that worked on our renovation was completely trustworthy. The materials (cabinets, flooring, and appliances) that were installed were top-notch, professional grade and the end result showed it. Our house (after the renovation) was featured in both local and nationwide kitchen/home magazines. When we listed our house for sale a year and a half later, we were able to leave copies of the magazines out for prospective buyers and we sold in only 15 days (with competing contracts). There is no doubt in our minds that the kitchen / first floor renovation we had from Annapolis Kitchen and Bath made all the difference in selling so quickly and for a favorable price during a down real estate market.
If you want a top-quality kitchen or bath project that will be completed with a minimum of unexpected issues, my wife and I would highly recommend Annapolis Kitchen and Bath. We loved our kitchen renovation project from Annapolis Kitchen and Bath and made a life-long friend in Duane Dwyer.


Duane, the kitchen exceeds any expectation I ever had; a spectacular work of art.

Thanks; Harvey

I just can’t tell you what a phenomenal job Louis is doing. The detail and precision. I don’t know how to do what he does but I know how important precision is when I sew. His seams are perfect.
Kay Steinfeld

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