Clean and Spacious Bathroom in Annapolis, MD


This bathroom was designed by Annapolis Kitchen and Bath, and renovated by DLC, Inc. We used Holiday cabinetry to create a beautiful, spacious and playful bathroom. The client wanted to remove an old Jacuzzi tub and replace it with a large shower that would provide more space. We were surprised to hear that the client had been told by another designer that the shower could not go where they wanted it. Unfazed, our designer immediately began creating her own design. She envisioned a large and inviting space, which required moving everything except the bathroom door and the toilet. By relocating the vanities, we were able to create a large canvas to work with. A stone tile accent runs down the center of the shower, mimicking a waterfall. The cabinetry and tops are white on white, creating a clean, modern and open feeling.

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