My wife and I were referred to Duane Dwyer and Annapolis Kitchen and Bath by a close friend who didn't use them for her kitchen project. Yes, you read that correctly! Our friend received several bids to renovate her kitchen, but decided to go with a cheaper contractor instead of Annapolis Kitchen and Bath. She later questioned her decision. She told us that although Duane's initial estimate was higher, it was very close to the actual cost of what her bargain contractor ended up charging to do the work.

Our experience with Annapolis Kitchen and Bath was absolutely the best. The estimate was accurate to the penny and the project was completed on schedule. Duane and his crew were super conscientious about keeping our house clean during the project and every person that worked on our renovation was completely trustworthy. The materials (cabinets, flooring, and appliances) that were installed were top-notch, professional-grade and the end result showed it. Our house (after the renovation) was featured in both local and nationwide kitchen/home magazines. When we listed our house for sale a year and a half later, we were able to leave copies of the magazines out for prospective buyers and we sold in only 15 days (with competing contracts). There is no doubt in our minds that the kitchen / first floor renovation we had from Annapolis Kitchen and Bath made all the difference in selling so quickly and for a favorable price during a down real estate market.

If you want a top-quality kitchen or bath project that will be completed with a minimum of unexpected issues, my wife and I would highly recommend Annapolis Kitchen and Bath. We loved our kitchen renovation project from Annapolis Kitchen and Bath and made a life-long friend in Duane Dwyer.


Duane, the kitchen exceeds any expectation I ever had. A spectacular work of art. I just can't tell you what a phenomenal job Louis is doing. The detail and precision. I don't know how to do what he does but I know how important precision is when I sew. His seams are perfect.

Harvey & Kay"

When we decided to renovate our powder and laundry room, little did we know that we had picked a great company with great people to complete this remodel for us. Duane Dwyer and DLC were an excellent choice.

Duane came and met with us to discuss the schedule and detail for the work. His team and the other contractors came at the scheduled time every day and worked extremely hard throughout the day. They were courteous and respectful of our home and we felt comfortable with them here when we had to leave. At the end of the day, they always left the work space clean and tidy. This allowed us to use the area without feeling that we were inconvenienced.

Duane came by often to inspect the work and kept us up to date on the progress. He was always available to answer any questions and to meet with us about the work.

The renovation was completed in the scheduled time frame and the bathroom and laundry areas are wonderful. The quality of the fixtures and all the materials used was excellent. They far exceeded our expectations and we are glad that we chose a company that delivers quality work, on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Duane and his company to anyone wishing to change or update their home.


James and Sheila"

We wanted to express our thanks to you all on the great job of remodeling our kitchen. Out kitchen was in dire need of updating, and you, your DLC crew, and Diane from Annapolis Kitchen and Bath brought it into the 21st century and gave us a beautiful kitchen to be proud of. We especially appreciate you working around our schedule and all of you keeping to the construction schedule you gave us prior to the beginning of the remodel. This is the third job that DLC has done for us, which is a testament to how happy we were with the first two. We would highly recommend Duane and his crew for all home remodeling projects.


Bob & Tracey"

Its always with some trepidation that homeowners undertake a major renovation to their home. Many questions always arise and you wonder where do we start. In our case, we decided to contact a kitchen design firm to give us a starting point. That is the easy part. Finding a contractor that will complete the renovation on time, within budget, and finished as you envision it is the hard part.

It was suggested that we contact DLC, Inc. to do the project. Our first contact was with Duane Dwyer who came to our home, surveyed the project, took the necessary measurements, and then provided us with a detailed proposal with a defined timeline and cost. DLC, Inc. submitted a proposal and a statement of work that listed in detail all of the work work to be performed, when it was to be completed, and the final end of project date. Ninety percent of our questions were answered.

We signed the contract and work was started on the very day Duane stated it was to begin. The workers were courteous and took extra care to keep the dust and noise of the demolition to a minimum. Louis and Mike arrived every day on time and put in a full day's work before they left in the evening. The project progressed very smoothly. Subcontractors such as electricians and plumbers kept to the schedule.

It was a pleasure to see the work progress which fueled our anticipation of a completed kitchen. Installation of cabinets, countertop, lighting, and plumbing were done when required and no delays were the results of the careful attention to detail that Duane and DLC delivered. Even with the terrific snowfall that paralyzed most of Maryland, the project was not delayed. There was some extra time built into the schedule for weather delays and this only affected the delivery of appliances because the supplier could not get into the warehouse until the snow was cleared. Even this didn't stop progress, and the project was completed on the exact date DLC, Inc. had set.

My wife and I are very happy with our new kitchen and would recommend DLC, Inc. to anyone who is considering a renovation. It is money well spent.

George and Thelma"

I am not only thrilled with my new kitchen, but I was also so impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the efficient and timely manner with which you completed the project. You finished the entire kitchen on the day you had indicated in the contract time schedule, despite graciously incorporating several design changes along the way and creatively finding solutions to the one or two inevitable bumps that developed. Your crew members were both courteous and competent, and we are delighted with the results! Thank you so much for all your hard work.


L. Foster"

It has been a great pleasure working with you and your crew. My new kitchen is absolutely beautiful! Your team went over and above the requirements to minimize the disruption and thoroughly cleaned up after each day's work. The cabinetry is awesome! Louis was meticulous with the construction and installation. His workmanship shows in every detail. All my concerns and requests were addressed immediately. And your schedule of what to expect when was impressive. You met every deadline. I will recommend you to every person I know for any type of kitchen renovation. You guys are outstanding! I can't thank you enough for all you've done.



It warms us considerably to be able to write this most positive letter regarding the recent home overhaul that you and your team completed. The home remodeling experience that we thought we had meticulously planned ran into many discoveries that led to numerous decision points regarding both the project and the budget. Your keen eye towards engineering, use of materials, sensitivity towards budget and steadfastness for project schedule have yielded us a new home that is better than we ever imagined. At various times throughout the project our viewpoints and outlooks were different, however, never once did the issues become difficult to manage nor the outcomes less than expected.

The craftsmanship did not happen without the employment of seasoned local professionals whose work reflects the type of quality that they would want in their own homes. Never once was an associate of DLC disrespectful or without courtesy. The customer service throughout the project was on-point every time and left us believing that we had made the right choice in partnering with you as a builder.

No part of this letter was requested in any manner and we are proud to stand behind such a fine dedicated company truly interested in faithful craftsmanship. We are lucky to have crossed paths and will look no further when future building needs call.

Best Regards,

Tom & Cathy"

According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary:

Reliable = adjective: suitable and fit
Dependable = adjective: capable of being depended upon
Honest = adjective: free from fraud or deception
Trustworthy = adjective: worthy of confidence

No matter which of these words you may look up in the dictionary, they all have a definition that can best describe Duane R. Dwyer of DLC, Inc. Duane and his skilled team of contractors remodeled our home to our complete satisfaction. The craftsmanship displayed in the final product was outstanding. He met his promised schedule during the various phases of the overall job and kept to his budget. Where he could improve on things, he did, and did not hold back on providing the best possible product.

When your home is being totally remodeled, you are going to expect a mess and dust and dirt everywhere. Duane's team ended each day by securing their tools and sweeping up the debris, ready to start the next day with a fresh start.

The bottom line is that I would, if the need arises, hire the craftsmanship of DLC, Inc. again without reservation!


Almost daily we think about how grateful we are for this amazing family space. This evening I thought of you as I was smiling with a grateful heart watching my kids having so much fun in this positive space. My son playing with his trucks in his own little world, and my daughter building a craft on the wonderful island, and me as I wash dishes, watching them both. I had to stop and take a minute just to share with you what wonderful work you did and how much we appreciate it.

Thank you,


Words cannot express.... We have now lived in our creatively and beautifully renovated home for six months, and each day I grow to appreciate and love the work you all did even more.

First off--Leesa, without you vision and design, this project would not have been possible. You not only designed a beautiful space, but it is so user-friendly, practical, and so much fun. You were able to see beyond the project and create a kitchen and living space that is both beautiful and functional. We, the kids and the grandkids love the wide open floor plan, all the space around the incredible island, and how everything is where it should be. Thank you for all of your hard work and your impeccable taste. You and I "clicked" immediately, and I was so comfortable with your guidance and suggestions, from fixtures to cabinets to wall colors to floors. I put my trust in you and you never let me down. Can't thank you enough.

Duane, Louis, Ed, and the rest of the contracting crew: wow! Again, just the fact that you had the vision of what our closed-off, traditional colonial could become never ceases to amaze me. I love to tell the story about how the three of us (Leesa, Duane and me) stood in that cramped little kitchen and started talking about knocking down walls, switching rooms around and thinking outside the box. Oh, and how I wanted it done yesterday....And then it became a reality and the walls came down, the house opened up, the rooms switched around, and we watched your vision come to life. The contracting work was a work of art, and Louis' woodworking an even bigger work of art. "Sheer perfection" are the words I use to describe the work done.

We are thrilled with the finished product and what our home has become. We love to show off our new home, and are quick to credit Annapolis Kitchen and Bath and DLC, Inc. with the vision and implementation. I find myself comparing the work done by you all with contracting projects done by other in the homes of our friends and appreciate you all even more.

Sincerely--thank you.

Best regards,


I would like to thank you for the incredible renovation DLC achieved for me in my home. Not only has the finished product exceeded my expectations within the budget that we set, but I was extremely impressed with the entire process. This is the first time I have been involved in a major renovation and it was nothing like the horror stories that I have seen friends experience in similar situations. Your entire crew was timely, clean, professional, and a pleasure to do business with. The few surprises we ran into together were handled professionally and you were always extremely fair. In my mind, that is the most important aspect of this type of project, since it is almost impossible to predict what one might find when walls are taken down in an older home. I will surely utilize your services again.

Thank you again. DLC is the best!

Kind regards,


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